• Anne Appert

January Check-in

It is officially February. I can't believe how quickly the first month of 2019 flew by!

This year, I'm doing an art challenge where I pick a different medium every month and use it to create art everyday. This is inspired by inktober; I had so much fun drawing with ink for the whole month of October that I wanted to adopt a similar daily art practice every month in 2019.

In January, I picked pencil as my medium of choice. I love drawing with pencil. I love the texture of graphite, the various things you can do with line, and how it scans. I was just going to draw something different every day, but it turned into a story. Here are all the drawings I did in January:

Pencil drawings of a toddler boy and dinosaur
January Pencil drawings: Where Boy meets Dinosaur

You will notice that there are only 27 drawings here and 31 days in January. I did not draw every day in January. At least, not for this challenge. I did work on art everyday which I am proud of. 27 out of 31 isn't bad!

I even colored one of these drawings for the weekly twitter challenge Colour Collective.

illustration of boy and dinosaur
Boy gives ball to Dinosaur

In February, I will be participating in the kidlitart28 challenge. The challenge is to create art every day with the theme "What you love". Read more about it on the kidlitart blog . I decided that I will create my images in watercolor for this challenge. Want to follow along? Follow me on instagram, facebook, or twitter!

I got a new iPad this month in order to be able to create my work more easily since I primarily work digitally. Here is the first piece I created on the new iPad. I'm including it in this post since I created it in January.

illustration of two pandas reading a book
Once Upon a Time

Now it's time to work on February's art. Which pencil drawing is your favorite? Are you challenging yourself in your art this year? I'd love to hear!